Digital Marketing v/s Traditional Marketing

Why choose digital marketing services over traditional marketing?

What’s your business’s publicity and promotion method? Has it been working under the veil of a digital environment? Or is it still under the clutches of the traditional marketing format? Both traditional marketing and digital marketing is nothing but traditional advertising and online advertising respectively.

With everything going digital these days, you may have a slight knack for giving your business a digital look. Are you ready to take that risk? Well, when it comes to highlighting your business, you can go to any extent. Marketing of your business is that essential part which you can never ignore. But before you choose digital marketing over traditional marketing, know the subjects individually.

Traditional marketing

This is that conventional process of marketing technique that has been generated from time immemorial. It chooses the advertising medium of television, radio, newspapers, POP, flyers, billboards, and advertisements in popular magazines.

Digital marketing

Also known as the online marketing, digital marketing takes the support of the internet to promote business. Through the medium of the internet, it reaches out to the maximum target audience. Social, media, online sites, blogs, paid pop-ups, promotional ads, etc. are the medium used.

Now that you have distinctly known both about digital marketing and traditional marketing, let us find out which one is better.

Difference between traditional and digital marketing

  • Cost-effective

Advertising in television, newspapers and similar other materials requires to buy time and space. On the other hand, advertisements for internet marketing are something that is affordable for the saved fund. This broadens the horizon of marketing and goes beyond age and money.

  • Real-time results

Traditional marketing makes you wait for weeks for the ad to pop up and stimulate sales force among the customers. In this particular arena, web marketing steals the show. At the end of the day, you get a detailed result of the number of visitors, part of the day actively used, bounce rates and conversion rates.

  • Creation of brand development

Nothing can give rise to the brand image so much as digital marketing can. They can stimulate people’s mind because of the ample space they get to promote their brand. In newspapers, your ad gets only a small portion of a column. But online marketing provides you a whole page to put up various digital marketing website designs to manipulate and persuade people.

  • Greater scope of exposure

A simple television ad or a newspaper ad is not reaching to every part of the world. It is limited to a specific geographic location and demography. Whereas, online advertisement is wider in perspective and has a broader scope. It has the ability to hit upon the entire universe irrespective of caste, creed, religion, sex.

  • More association

Traditional marketing does not allow you to initiate a two-way flow of communication. It is generally one-dimensional. On the contrary, digital marketing generates a process of dialogue and feedback. Its social sites enable it to come in contact with the public and form a cordial relation with them. Also, it makes the company gain knowledge of the demands of the society. In a way, it is a kind of social media marketing.

  • Swift publicity

Because of real-time results, the publicity and promotion in digital marketing are quicker than traditional marketing.

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