Ten Must Follow Digital Marketing Hacks

As a marketing head, how often do you go around and play mystery shopper on your own site? That doesn’t have to mean a lengthy revamp. Sometimes minute changes can have huge impacts – that’s what we call it a marketing hack.

Consider selecting three of the following hacks to implement immediately and shift the resulting cost or time svings to marketing activities with more demonstrable ROI. Be-practical helps you in mastering the trick and tactics of SEO and sem

  1. Be Your Customer

Discover insights of customer intimacy, Go out talk to your customers get their feedback to implement it, and watch how it goes.

  1. Get Tag Management

Test a new tactic (Facebook Retargeting, etc.) within days of market availability instead of weeks? Many marketers struggle with IT delays implementing tags for analytical insights. Speed up implementation of tags with a simple, scalable, self-service marketing solution – your IT team will thank you for it.

  1. Implement Interview Projects

A standard interview isn’t the most effective tool to assess a candidate’s interest and skills for a position. Skip unqualified resume screens and get candidates to invest in the process and vet skill levels upfront by asking them to complete an interview project. Make it something real that they can implement and ramp up quickly if they get the job.

Cut SEM Bloat – Campaign Audit

When was the last time your SEM campaigns were pruned? With an average 11.6% of marketing budgets spent on search, marketers should assess whether growth targets have inflated SEM spend or outlier terms are truly worth a high cost. The solution is to become laser targeted and realize that getting customers at the edge of your sweet spot may yield negative ROI.

  1. Fail Fests – Embrace Innovation & Failure

Marketing leaders: Failure is a stepping stone to success, never hesitate to experiment and don’t hide your failure stories. You may end up inspiring someone.

  1. Optimize Email (List Hygiene & Improved Use of Transactional Emails)

Use email as a post letter and send to the pure beneficial contacts, who would, in turn, add some values to your organization

  1. Steal (Ideas) from Other

Move out of your comfort zone or organization and look out how others are performing and check where you are lagging behind

  1. Clean Up Ad to Landing Page Messaging for Consistency

Review mismatched messaging how much your conversion drops when ads and offer copy don’t match. How many landing pages have been created, hire an intern to perform an audit

  1. Plan Evergreen Content & Campaigns

Decrease reuses content. Replace assets that are “one and done” with meatier assets or those that can be re-promoted over a long period of time.

  1. Capture Bouncing Visitors

Check what percentage of paid traffic bounces off your page. Try exit-intent and other tricks to help increase conversion and reduce bounce rates.

Choose which will be effective for you as a Digital Marketer.


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