Importance of Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), What it is and What it isn’t?

The advancements in technology are on high pace, especially in the IT sector. Every day we get updates for several software applications and hardware but these developments have also hiked cyber-crimes. Data has become the most vital thing of one’s life. And for the security of our data, we have to take preventive actions from hackers who have malicious intentions. Here comes the need for an ethical hacker training certification.

Understanding Certified Ethical Hacker

A Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) means a professional who has knowledge of accessing the security of computer and penetrating into it using penetration testing tools and techniques. A certified ethical hacker’s certification is more than just an ordinary exam. For the certification of CEH, a candidate has to crack a multiple choice exam which substantiate that a person has necessary knowledge of the penetration testing framework and the tools used within that frame. It also ensures that the holder of the certificate understands how to tackle certain things like:

  • Gathering of Information
  • Attacking computers or servers
  • Wireless attacks and social engineering

Certified ethical hacker training provides support to candidates looking for future in IT security sector, just like a stick provides support for the mountaineers. In training sessions, theoretical concepts of tools and their operation is taught. Moreover, they learn about how to evaluate the situations and discover vulnerabilities and loop holes. Certified ethical hacking training sessions in Be-practical also provide chances to attack the computers equipped with security features because offenses also teach us how to secure our gadgets.

A professional who possess certificate in Ethical hacking has skills and knowledge to deal with situations like- Session hijacking, Trojans, SQL injections, Viruses and worms etc.

What CEH isn’t?

Most of the people think that CEH is one stop shop, but actually it is not. Though it is not a proof of mastering the entire Cyber security fields, but it in fact gives a great push towards realm of information security systems. Rather, it is a great start into it. To match up with the pace of developments in IT sector, CEH should be visualized as a gateway for superior level of knowledge and evidence for understanding about penetration tests.

Why it is Important?

Certificates can’t define your talent and caliber, but plays a significant role in proving your achievements in front of others. CEH furnishes a person with knowledge that will persist outside of the exam. Knowledge about methodology always equips anticipated job seekers in the information protection industry with a sound beginning.

There are many institutes in the market which provide certified ethical hacker training . Additionally, many online training courses are also available. The noticeable point is that a person should have some knowledge about computer and networking.

To Conclude, Ethical hacker certification course training is helping out the world to tackle the cyber security related issues. A CEH acts just like an umbrella that safeguards the networks and systems from the intruder activity which leads to huge holes and pits in the computers and servers of a company. So, before getting yourself set to establish in the domain of IT security, go for a CEH certification and give wings to your career.


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