5 Linux tools you should know

A system administrator is like a superior mechanic who keeps his work tools well organized and selected in order to be ready all the time to resolve any unknown problems. He also has to execute routine maintenance tasks to avoid any sort of difficulties. So he might have subtle knowledge of all the tools to detect the problem and fix it at the earliest.

One of the major benefits of Linux is that there’s no scarcity of tools available. To further illustrate this point, we have compiled a fleet of 5 Linux tools you should know. There are a number of Linux training institutes in Bangalore offering subtle training on these tools.


While most Linux tools come with a GUI process manager, few of them have the raw functionality found with HTOP. This tool caters you with terminal amiable methodologies of manipulating and monitoring your Linux operations. You can use HTOP to filter, sort and end processes with the utmost ease.

For any obscure Linux system, you will find number representation for each of your PC’s cores. This is precious in visualizing how your computer runs various programs. The only thing you should keep in mind while using HTOP is the help functionality is about as robust as a MAN file. Many train and deploy training companies in Bangalore are offering best-in-class HTOP training courses.


If you are using Ubuntu and have ever needed to install packages on a PC where the Internet wasn’t available, then AptOnCd is the only panacea for all problems.

It’s quite obvious you need to connect to the internet at least once to get all the packages you wish to add to a DVD/CD, however, once this is done AptOnCD provides you with exceptionally flawless package portability for just about any circumstances.


If you are trying to back-up your existing DVD collection for safe keeping, then Handbrake is an indispensable tool for this task. All thanks to Handbrake’s clear functionality layout and logical presets that rips your DVD collection onto your hard drive flawlessly.

Some additional benefits to this software include its adroitness to thwack video errors, change aspect ratio and cooperate with videos being ripped into file containers. If you have decided to speculate beyond the proffered presets, your success rate with Handbrake may vary from video to video. You will also observe that Handbrake is the best tool that shines at its best on PCs with enough empowerment to render video quickly without crashing.


Whether you need to clone and deploy a Linux server/desktop or simply looking to make a disk image for restoration, Clonezilla is a perfect choice. One of the things everyone loves about this tool is that you can clone disks for both Windows and Linux.


When you are liberating yourself from the shackle of a plugged-in the laptop, you may find yourself on the receiving end of inexplicable battery drain. There are things you can do to address this issue, such as installing power-saving tools to better manage power usage on your Linux system.

If you find yourself in the same scenario Powertop is a must have for you. Whether it’s a robust process or you forgot you had a video rendering (minimized). This tool is the best for managing power consumptions on Linux PCs.

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